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🌱 RA Everyday Essentials 🌱

Throughout our day, there are some things we cannot be without. To offer some inspiration check out a few of our everyday essentials.

NO. 1

Chilly’s Bottle

Chilly's Bottle


NO. 2

MY CUPS - Compostable Coffee Capsule

For that extra kick in the morning or during the day, coffee is a go-to for many, I am sure. But how do you get your fix? For so long we used supermarket and label capsules, but of course, where do these pods go when we are done with them? To remedy this reality we turned to biodegradable 100% recyclable capsules.


NO. 3


Skincare is incredibly personal and individual. However, a brand that we can get behind is Fenty. The inclusivity and environmental consciousness is inspiring and really set a benchmark for other brands to aspire to. The Fenty Skin products are designed with a sleek reusable and refillable design. They are 100% recyclable, cruelty and gluten-free. These are products both James and I use which serves as further proof that these are products for the fellas too.


NO. 4

LUSH Conditioner Bar

LUSH, you’ve got some lush products! The easy lather shampoo and conditioner bars are a simple swap from bottled bathroom products and of course an everyday essential. Also cruelty-free, they have so many options to choose from to fit every hair type. Totally unisex.


NO. 5

Lucy & Yak Cotton Dungarees

Unisex dungarees, yes please! Lucy and yak are a British brand that has sprung onto the fashion scene using Depop. For relaxing at home whilst bingeing the latest Netflix series or just doing everyday tasks these are the definition of comfort! Also made a little sweeter when you can share them with your friends or your partner.