Radiator Activity

☀️ The Eye of Ra ☀️


Having been blessed with wonderfully symmetrical initials (KvK) it felt right to take a look at the initials of “Radiator Activity” and see if we could replicate this or at least find a deeper meaning. RA…R-A…Ra?

Egyptian Representation of Ra

At the age of 9 I had a deep fascination with the Egyptians and in particular Tutan Khamum, so when James realised Ra, was the God of the Sun I was hooked! The Sun is the OG “Radiator” and it felt right to incorporate this into our branding and draw further inspiration. After a little more research, we came across “The eye of Ra”. The eye of Ra is used throughout the Egyptian era as a symbol of Power and Protection.

The Eye of Ra Elements

The further we looked at the symbol of the eye, the more we were drawn to it and how much more it had to offer than what was on the surface. I hope this doesn’t just serve as an unprecedented and involuntary history lesson, but an inspiration to look past the surface and to remain curious and inquisitive to things around you.

RA logo with eye